1. Subject matter of this document:
Republic Technologies International, a company organised and existing under the laws of France, registered under the number B432302156 with the Perpignan Registry of Commerce and Companies, having its registered office at 3750 avenue Julien Panchot, 66004 Perpignan France and official licensee of the “OCB” trademark, which organizes the present contest for celebrating the 100 years of the “OCB” trademark.

The present contest consists of making a short film about the celebration of the “OCB” brand’s 100th anniversary under the conditions set out below.

The theme of the contest is "100 YEARS ROLLING TOGETHER" and the short film presented exploit this theme in one way or another, with artistic freedom being privileged and supported. In this respect, the products may appear in the short film provided that they are not consumed or that there is no direct or indirect justification for the consumption of these products and more generally on smoking tobacco or any other substance which may be harmful to the health.

The contest is open to all students from one of the participating schools such as listed in the appendix.

It is agreed that participation in this contest is not mandatory and is not subject to any conditions other than those set out in this document.

2. Definition
In this document, the following terms shall have the following meanings:

- “Contest” or “Competition”: refers to the competition in which creative schools and their students will have to make a short film around the theme of the 100th anniversary of the OCB brand and in accordance with the terms and conditions set out in this document.

- “Contest Organizer”: refers to RTI which is the organizer of the contest and the official licensee of the “OCB” trademark.

- “Short film”: refers to an original cinematographic work that has not been the subject of any diffusion or publication on an audiovisual or web medium, specially produced for the purposes of this competition and whose theme is the one specified in this document.

- “Students” or “Participants”: refers to all students whose participation on the website specially created for this purpose is registered and who are valid students in the schools participating in the competition.

- “Schools”: refers to all creative schools that have validly registered as participants in this competition and whose list is annexed to these terms and conditions.

- “Jury”: The jury is responsible for selecting the short films and in particular the one that will be designated as the best short film. It is composed of several qualified persons and in particular persons belonging to the RTI company, in addition to various personalities from the artistic world, and in particular from the cinema or artistic creation. The jury will be chaired by a personality (the President) who is a reference in the cinematographic industry for his career and reputation.

- “OCB”: refers to the registered trademark of which RTI is the official licensee and which is the subject of the competition.

- “OCB’s “100 YEARS ROLLING TOGETHER””: refers to the main theme of the short films that will be submitted by participants and schools to the Jury as part of the competition.

3. Duration
The contest will start on the 1st of October 2018 at 12.00 am (GMT+1) and will end on the 31st of December 2018 at 11:59 p.m. (GMT+1).

4. Conditions of participation
In order to participate in this contest, participants must meet the following conditions: - The participants must be of legal age on the opening date of the contest, according to the legislation of his/her country of residence and in possession of an official document attesting his/her identity and age;

- Employees of RTI, their affiliates, their immediate families, their agents or anyone professionally connected to this competition shall not be entitled to participate;

- The participant must be a student at one of the schools that are equally participating to the contest and be in possession of a valid student card on the opening date of the contest. To take part in this contest, all of the data required in the registration form available in the upload files section of the website www.ocbrollingshorts.com must be properly filed.

- The registration period will start on the 1st of October 2018 at 12:00 a.m. (GMT+1) and will end on the 31st of December 2018 at 11:59 p.m. (GMT+1); registrations will not be accepted after these dates.

- Any student entering into or participating in this contest is deemed to have accepted and be bound by these terms and conditions;

- The participant guarantee that all data included in the registration form are accurate and complete, and that they will be updated as required;

- RTI reserves the right, at any time, to verify the validity of each participant's registration, including identity, age and place of residence, and to disqualify any participant who violates these Terms and Conditions or does not comply in whole or in part with these Terms and Conditions of Participation.

- Participation in the contest is free of charge and does not entail any obligation of purchase any king of goods.

5. Terms of the contest
- The theme of the short film is the one described in article 2 above "Definitions", which is why the short film made should be linked and inspired by the expression "100 years rolling together", which is the commemorative sentence of the centenary of the brand "OCB".

- Short films may showcase the products of the "OCB" brand, but under no circumstances should they encourage their consumption, directly or indirectly and more generally on smoking tobacco or any other substance which may be harmful to the health of consumers.

- Each student may submit only one short film;

- The treatment of the theme can be fiction, reality, or documentary. The short film may be made in 2-D or 3-D animation or stop motion, provided that it meets the conditions set out in Article 6 below;

- The short film can be recorded using any recording device;

- Each school can present a maximum of 5 short films. The school will receive 5 separate entry codes for each short film it wishes to present. The school must then distribute these codes to the 5 short films selected for participation and the participating students must use the codes thus provided by the school in the registration forms;

- - Once presented, short films cannot be modified or replaced;

- No short film that fail to meet the conditions provided in these terms will be admitted;

6. Requirements for the shorts films

A) Technical requirements
- The maximum duration of the short film is 10 minutes, including the credits;
- The Short film must be presented in a format that is valid for publication on the website YouTube;
- The Short film may be in the following video formats: MOV MPEG-4MP4 ABUELO WMV MPEG-P.S. FLV 3GPP WebM;
- The minimum audio requirements are as follows:
o Audio codec: MPEG Layer IIor Dolby AC 3
o Audio bits frequency: 128 kbps or higher
- RTI reserves its right to ask finalists to present their shorts films in a format that allows them to be shown during a commemorative event.
- Short film can be in any language, but must at least have English subtitles.

B) Public order and moral policy
- All short films must comply with the law, public order and morality, and must not contain scenes of sexual explicitness or great violence which, in particular by their accumulation, would seriously disturb the sensitivity of minors, present violence in a favourable light or trivialise it, incite violent, sexist, discriminatory or racist behaviour, or use offensive or inappropriate language, or encourage unhealthy or uncivil behaviour, in particular and without this list being exhaustive, likely to affect the integrity of persons on account of their origin, sex, family situation, physical appearance, surname, state of health, disability, genetic characteristics, morals, sexual orientation, age, political opinions, membership or non-membership of a particular ethnic group, nation, race or religion.

- They must not be contrary to the renown, prestige or brand image of Republic Technologies International or the OCB brand, and must not be an advertising tool for third-party products or services.

- They must comply with the legislation in force and, therefore, must not infringe the rights of third parties, in particular intellectual property rights, copyright and related rights or the right to privacy, image rights, nor be contrary to the rights concerning the use of personal data, in addition to the obligations arising from the use of new technologies and telecommunications.

- On the basis of the above, RTI reserves the right not to accept short films that do not comply with the rules described. In addition, these short films that are inappropriate in terms of language or content.

6. Jury and selection of winning entries
The jury is composed of several qualified persons and in particular persons belonging to the RTI company, in addition to various personalities from the artistic world, and in particular from the cinema or artistic creation. The jury will be chaired by a personality (the President) who is a reference in the cinematographic industry for his career and reputation.

The selection of short films will be made in two stages:

1- A first selection of 10 short films will be made by the Jury without the presence of its President. This initial selection will be made taking into account the intrinsic quality of the short films, their creativity, their staging, in addition to their ability to deal with the theme and remain faithful to the values and image of the "OCB" brand as well as the quality of the “OCB” products.

2- Then, the President alone will choose the winning short film from this first selection of 10 short films.

In the event that the President of the Jury is indisposed during the competition or for professional reasons cannot be present at the time of the selection of the winning short film, the members of the Jury will meet again and choose the winner from among the 10 short films preselected.

7. Screening of the short film
All of the short films are susceptible to be used and broadcast on the project’s communication platforms such as:

- Website of the project; - Social media platforms.

8. Awarding of the prize
- The winners will be announced during the month of February 2019 through social media and direct communication with the participant and the school to which he or she belongs (the winners).

- If the participant is not located or does not respond within ten (10) business days of the announcement of results, the winners will be disqualified and alternate winners will be selected according to the same criteria and procedures as previously described.

- Once the participant’s response is received, the prizes indicated in the present Terms and Conditions (article 9 below) will be delivered in accordance with conditions jointly agreed upon; however, RTI reserves its right to replace the indicated prizes with other similar prizes of equal or greater value, in the event that the indicated prizes cannot be delivered to the winners for reasons beyond its control.

Under no circumstances may the prize be modified, compensated by a third party or given to a third party, except by written agreement between RTI and the winner.

9. The prizes
- The winning school will receive the following prize, valued at approximately 15.000 € (fifteen thousand euros) : RED RAVEN CAMERA KIT.

- The winning student will receive the following prize, valued at approximately 5.000€ (five thousand euros) : CANON EOS 5D MARK IV CAMERA.  

10. Intellectual property rights
All the contest’s participants assign to the contest organizer all their transferable Intellectual property rights related to the short film, for an unlimited period and worldwide. By participating to this contest, the participants agree that this transfer of intellectual property rights includes, but is not limited to, the right to copy, modify, amend, create derivative works, sell, assign, lease, sub-license or transfer all intellectual property rights relating to the short film.
As such, these terms include assignment of all the Intellectual property rights and all copyrights on the short film produced by the participant and this, for the period mentioned before and on a worldwide basis, including reproduction, representation, translation, adaptation and broadcasting rights on all media and formats, existing or to be created, including web formats. These exclusive rights are applicable upon all the shorts films provided by the participants and in relation with this contest, their content (Video, text, photos, sound, images etc.) that constitute the short film and all the electronic and non-electronic files related to the short film.
In particular, the intellectual property rights thus transferred to the organiser shall include the following rights:
- The right to reproduce or get reproduced the short films on any support, any format, by any means, the right to publish, print or save all part of the short films, in black and white, in colours, and in all media including paper, film, electronic support, digital and other media known or as yet unknown, in any format, using any scoping report, including the rights to use reproductions of short films, regardless of the method of publication and distribution used;

- The right to make any adaptations (such as graphic adaptation, audiovisual, or electronic adaptations), any modifications, additions and/or withdrawals which appears to be necessary. This right includes, in particular, the right to change any components of the short films, in written, oral, musical, audiovisual, electronic, or digital, no matter these changes or developments are being carried out by the contest organizer;

- The right to represent or be represented in all languages, in all countries, free of charge or for consideration, in full or in part, by any means of publication and broadcasting;

- The exclusive rights to publish, edit or reedit, sell or grant the rights of use, or to rent, lease the right to reproduce the creations without any limitation.

The participants guarantee that they are the legitimate owners of all the rights assigned by virtue of the present terms and that the short films are originals, do not infringe the rights of any third parties and that they have not carried out nor will they carry out any act likely to impede or hinder the contest organizer the full peaceful exercise of the rights assigned by means of the present provision.
Consequently, the participants shall be exclusively liable for any action or claim by any third parties arising from or as a consequence of the assignment and/or exercise of the rights granted to the contest organizer by means of this provision.
With respect to the contest, the contest organizer is the official licensee of the “OCB” trademark and authorizes, for the sole and exclusive purpose of creating the short films, the participants to reproduce and broadcast the “OCB” trademark on the short films they intent to create for their participation to the contest.

11. Image rights
All the participants, by participating in and accepting the present terms and conditions, will automatically transfer their image rights deriving from their participation to the contest organizer.
The participants expressly and unequivocally authorize to exploit their images, names and declarations without geographical and temporal limitation in different media, including websites and social networks, with the exception of nay commercial exploitation.
The participants expressly and unequivocally declare to have obtained prior and valid authorization from all the people that may appear in recognizable way in the short films to capture and use the images in which they appear. this obligation is also valid for any element of the personality that would be recognizable in the short films such as, for example, the voice. The participants undertake to make available to the contest organizer, upon request, all written authorisations from each person.
In the event of the absence of authorisation or incomplete authorisation of any identifiable person appearing in the short films, the contest organizer may not be held liable for this irregularity, in particular in the event of the broadcast of the disputed short film. Participants will therefore be solely responsible for obtaining the authorizations of persons appearing in their short films and likely to be recognized as such.

12. Limitation of liability
The contest organizer will not be held responsible for:
- Consequences, accidents, incidents or prejudices that could be suffered by the participants or any third parties during the shooting and production of the short films;

- Any permit or license of any nature whatsoever relating to short films that may be required by public authorities. The contest organizer will also be released from any liability for any action (including damages) that the public authorities may take against participants due to a breach of any of their obligations vis à vis the same authorities;

- Any problems with Internet access, availability and connection, in particular with regard to the e-mail addresses and websites used for the running of the contest;

- Any modification of the times, dates and organisation of this contest;

By submitting its short film in accordance with the provisions of these conditions, each participant warrants that he or she is the author and owner of all intellectual property rights in said short film, that this short film is original, free of all rights, privileges or charges and that it is not the subject of any contract, obligation, legal or other measure, assignment or licence in favour of third parties that would be incompatible with the exercise of the rights assigned to the contest organiser as a result of his/her participation in this competition.
In all cases, the participant will release the contest organizer from any liability for any claim, complaint or legal action of third parties arising directly or indirectly from his/her participation in this contest and, in particular, for any breach of these conditions or the legislation in force.

13. Reservations and limitations:
The contest organizer reserves the right to cancel or suspend this contest, or modify any of its conditions due to technical or other reasons beyond its control and which prevent the contest being carried out normally and according to these terms.

In addition, the contest organizer may declare this contest null and void if it detects any irregularities or a severe breach in the present terms and conditions that may alter the results of the contest.
In any case, the contest organizer will be held liable for the accuracy of the data provided by each participant. Consequently, if the data provided should be inaccurate or contain errors, the contest organizer will not be held liable for not being able to contact the winners nor to notify them of the result nor to arrange due delivery of the prizes.

Any abusive or fraudulent use of the present terms and conditions by any of the participants could result in his/her definitive exclusion from the contest. Such a measure could also be applied to any school if the irregularities committed by the participants were to significantly affect participants from the same school.

14. Acceptance of the terms
Each participant is advised that his/her participation in the contest implies his/her full and complete acceptance of these terms and conditions, the instructions and any other communications or recommendations that the contest organizer might make/take to the participants or schools, and entails his/her undertaking to comply with the conditions of use of the websites used to carry out the contest.
Any breach will lead to the disqualification of the participant and, consequently will mean that he or she is not eligible to receive any of the prizes that he or she was competing for, without prejudice to any legal action that could be taken against the offender and RTI’s right to eliminate his/her short film from the website http://ocbrollingshorts.com or from social networks.

15. Data protection
According to the General Data Protection Regulation (Regulation (EU) 2016/679, "GDPR"), the contest organizer will, for the purposes of the contest, process personal data under the conditions set out below:

- The personal data communicated to participate in this contest will be processed and stored, for the purpose of processing the contest - namely for the selection of the winning short film - in one or several files under the contest organizer (as data controller) responsibility. After completion of the contest and sending the prizes, these data will be deleted.

- The following personal data of each participant will be processed, provided by the participant, who thereby consents with relevant data processing: full names and surnames, email address and postal mailing address, date of birth, school in which he or she study, name of his / her short film. The Participant can withdraw consent with his/her personal data processing at any time, without affecting the lawfulness of processing based on consent before its withdrawal; further, he or she will be excluded from the participation and potential prizes cannot be sent to him/her. The prize can only be sent if a consistent postal address that can be delivered is stated.

- The personal data provided by each participant will be processed electronically and stored for the purpose of implementation and processing of the contest, by the contest organizer acting as data controller and third-party companies (electronic communication services providers) as data processors.

- The personal data that has been stored for the contest will not be transferred to any third parties and will be deleted after full processing of the contest. In particular, personal data of the participants will not be transferred outside of the European Union.

- Each participant is entitled to exercise his/her rights under data protection regulations, which include: (a) access his/her personal data; (b) update, correct and/or supplement his/her personal data; (c) delete, anonymise or block his/her personal data, notably in case of unlawful processing, including unnecessary data retention; and/or (d) obtain confirmation that any entity that has received his/her personal data has been informed of his/her exercise of the rights mentioned in (b) and (c), unless this requirement is impossible or involves the use of means manifestly disproportionate to the protected right, (e) right for data portability, under conditions set out by the General Data Protection Regulation ("GDPR"), (f) right for lodging a complaint with relevant data protection authority and (g) right to object against the data processing and right for restriction of data processing. In order to exercise such rights, the participant shall write an email to the data controller at privacy@rpb-tech.com. By the same means, the participant can also ask for a full and updated list of data processors in relation with the performing of the contest.
If you have any questions just send us an email at: hi@therollingshorts.com


If you have any questions just send us an email at: hi@therollingshorts.com